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Vegetable-Based Auto Fuel |植物汽车燃料

For over six weeks, an ordinary garbage truck has traveled its route through Hammond, Indiana, picking up trash1 and returning to its garage every night. But there’s one thing that makes this vehicle a lot less ordinary than others in the city’s fleet2: Instead of running on diesel fuel, it is powered by 100 percent vegetable-based fuel, made from crops like those grown in Indiana.
  Hammond officials, Congressman Peter Visclosky and local environmentalists joined Naturally Renewable Group (NRG) today to announce the success of a Hammond pilot3 program to power city vehicles with ESTERHOL(tm), 100 percent vegetable-based fuel. 
  City officials conducted trials with the new fuel earlier this year. The resulting data show the fuel works as well as, if not better than, the diesel fuel normally used in the vehicles.
Hammond Mayor Thomas McDermott, Jr. wants to expand the pilot program to include more trucks in the city’s fleet.
“The results of the trial run indicate that the engine ran well, the exhaust4 was cleaner and the fuel even eliminated the engine knock5 we normally get in a truck like this one,” said Mayor McDermott. “It is our hope that we can expand this program to include more vehicles in the future.”
  Biofuel is not a new technology. The first diesel engine in 1892 was originally designed to run on peanut oil. Dr. Rudolf Diesel believed his engine would operate on a variety of vegetable oils but, as petroleum-based diesel fuel was cheaper and readily6 available, it quickly became the fuel of choice.
  NRG has found a way to harness the energy from burning hydrocarbon7 aggregates8 in vegetable compounds to operate combustion9 engines. This system produces negligible10 emissions and is truly a low pollution fuel. NRG adds special boosters and additives11 to provide a pleasant natural scent while delivering exceptional12 fuel economy.
“Biofuel is clean, reliable and as safe as the crops it’s made from,” said Brad Snower of Naturally Renewable Group, which manufactures the biofuel. “Best of all, it can be made from Indiana agricultural products, produced by Indiana workers, then used to fuel Indiana vehicles and machines. It’s a win-win-win for the Hoosier13 state.”    
With skyrocketing14 fuel prices, increased concerns about dependency on foreign oil and the threat of global warming due to fossil fuel emissions, vegetable based fuels like ESTERHOL(tm) are becoming more and more favorable for businesses and individual consumers alike. ESTERHOL(tm) can be produced from renewable, domestic feed stocks15 such as corn, soybeans16, peanuts, cottonseed, sunflowers, and canola17. Many of these feed stocks are grown in Indiana and surrounding states.
    随着燃料价格飞涨,以及人们越来越多地关注对国外石油的依赖和因矿物燃料排放导致的全球变暖现象,像ESTERHOL(商标) 这种基于植物的燃料越来越受到工商企业和个体消费者的青睐。ESTERHOL(商标)可以从可再生的国内原料,如玉米、大豆、花生、棉籽、向日葵和油菜籽等加工而成。其中许多原料在印第安纳州和周边各州都有种植。
1. trash  n. 垃圾
2. fleet n. 车队;船队
3. pilot  adj. 试验性的
4. exhaust  n. 排出的废气
5. engine knock 敲缸,发动机爆震
6. readily adv. 容易地;迅速地
7. hydrocarbon  n. 碳氢化合物
8. aggregate  n. 聚合物
9. combustion  n. 燃烧
10. negligible adj. 可以忽略的
11. additiven. 添加剂
12. exceptional adj. 杰出的,异常的
13. Hoosier n. 印第安那州居民的绰号,意思是乡下人,边远居民
14. skyrocket  v. 迅速上升,猛涨
15. feed stock 原料
16. soybean n. 大豆
17. canola n. 油菜籽